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Best Lip products I’ve ever used

My lips are very sensitive and usually thru Winter I struggle with moisture and hydration for them, these are the only products that keep them hydrated. Highly recommend

Luxurious lip care products

I purchased the LIP DR system as I wanted to improve the health, look and feel of my lips. I’m loving the Prep exfoliator, the Gel Mask was incredibly hydrating. I’ve used the Plump volumiser to give my lips some extra fullness and look more youthful.
Heathy hydrated lips are an important part of my overall skin regime and I’m loving these products!

A product you're lips never knew it needed!

my lips feel super soft and smooth! This product is highly recommended before a lip application, especially for gal's who opt for dark tone coloured lipsticks as the lips condition won't be able to hide away its flaws. This product is basically a set primer for the lips.

Fantastic product

Firstly I'd like to mention a huge shout out for the
clean ingredients and Australian made of this product!
Absolutely loved the moisturiser a nightly routine I'd be including now. Xx

Saved me through the winter.

I was sceptical but boy am I happy I did. These two babies saved me this winter in Sydney.


LIP DR is truly one of the greatest selfcare products money could buy! The 5 step process to primed & plump lips is a god send. I use it once or week or if I have that special event on that I want to be looking my absolute best.

Conditioning treatment for your lips!

I’ve always had dry flaky lips and wasn’t satisfied with chapstick or pawpaw ointment. The LipDr exfoliator actually removes dry skin and soothes chapped lips and the LipDr moisturizer is my favourite. It really hydrates and plumps lips so they feel smooth and soft. Highly recommend this combo!

Lip Moisturiser

WOW! I’m literally speechless, this moisturiser has completely rejuvenated my tired and lacklustre lips. They feel instantly hydrated and only improve with ongoing use.


I absolutely love Lip System, my lips are so hydrated, feel amazing and look amazing! I now have a Sexy pout woohoo! I can’t wait to order more so Thank you Dr Lip System xxx

Amazing products and customer service

5 star customer service and lips are feeling amazing and plump. Def can’t go without these in my life now, lifetime customer forever!

Love it but small

Love it but haven’t had it long and it’s already all gone, the one pump is also way too much product so need to design better packaging. For the price I’m disappointed! However the product itself is great

It actually works

I LOVE the product! My lips genuinely feel and look SO juicy, I love it!

Seriously good

the product is seriously good - my lips are honestly so much more hydrated and plumper..

Genuinely LOVING the product

I’m genuinely loving the product - absolutely LOVE using the Lip Dr system, all of the products are amazing!

Great product

This product is so hydrating and easy to use

Great product

This is such a great product...highly recommended


I am too scared to get lip injections but have always wanted bigger, plumper lips. This product is next level. The PLUMP and then their lip balm after, sooo good. My results speak for themselves, would recommend.

It works!

I’m a huge skincare fanatic, including when it comes to lip care. Upon discovering Lip Dr, I was immediately intrigued and had to try it. Can confirm it really does work! My lips can be dry but after completing the 5 steps, they’re hydrated and plump, my fave is the lip conditioner ❤️