Much like the other areas of our body that we pay so much attention to, the lips are extremely delicate and are made up of unique layers that need to be delicately cared for. In the same way that we use multiple products to achieve our hydrated and glowing skin, using a scientifically formulated range of lip care products can leave you with the soft and supple pout you have been lusting after.  

LIP DR is here to deliver lips you love. However, to better understand the characteristics of your lips and how to best implement LIP DR’s Skincare System to suit your needs, let’s unpack some fun facts about our luminous lips.  

Lips have fewer layers

There are several differences between the skin on your lips and the rest of your skin. One is that your lips are only made up of 3-4 layers compared to the 15-16 elsewhere -  meaning they can be prone to easy  damage. Using the LIP DR products means that each layer will be targeted via scientifically backed ingredients, addressing common concerns and hydrating your pout from the deepest layer of your lips.

The lips do not have sebaceous glands

Unlike other areas of your skin, the lips do not contain sebaceous glands. These glands produce Sebum and help to keep your skin moisturised. Without these glands, the lips need a little extra love - best given via extreme hydration. Using ingredients like Vitamin E to deliver rich hydration means that your lips will be protected from drying and cracking. For a juicy Vitamin E hit, try our best selling Plump and Protect - we like to keep one in every handbag! 

Lips lose fullness with age

As we age (gracefully of course), the amount of collagen protein in our skin slowly begins to decrease. This means your lips may become thinner or you may start to develop fine lines. LIP DR’s Maxi Lip™ helps stimulate collagen production to moisturise and protect the lips. You can find Maxi Lip™ in the signature LIP DR Plump - our best selling lip plumper.

Lip Tips 101

Evidently, lips need specialised treatment and protection. LIP DR’s active skincare lip regimen - made in Australia using natural and scientifically backed ingredients - is the perfect union of nature and science to combat lip concerns. 

Ideal lip skincare ingredients

Your breath has the tendency to rapidly dry out your lips, so hydrators are especially welcome in this area. LIP DR’s specialised lip care is formulated with powerful ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid - (hydrating the skin by attracting water molecules like a magnet) capable of holding 1000 times its own weight in moisture. 

As the lips don’t have pores or break out, lip care formulas can be much thicker and richer to restore moisture effectively. This is why we have selected ingredients like Shea Butter, Aloe Vera,  Sweet Almond Oil to leave skin hydrated and better yet, looking fuller for longer. 

Lip skincare helps reduce the signs of aging

With age, the amount of collagen protein in our skin begins to decrease. You may notice fine lines develop and the lips start to lose fullness. However, the best way to combat this is to regularly exfoliate; LIP DR Prep, to remove a build up of dead skin cells before applying a moisturising formulation like LIP DR Protect to restore hydration. 

A key ingredient found in LIP DR’s products is Renovhyal- a collagen booster derived from naturally occurring hyaluronic acid. 

Protect your lips (and your tummy)

Products applied to the lips can be easily ingested post application, so it’s important to select products that are safe for the mouth. Never fear, LIP DR is here. 

Our entire Skincare System is made with ‘mouth safe’ ingredients. Products like Plump contain safe and effective products like Beeswax - a naturally hydrating and antibacterial ingredient great for regeneration and skin renewal. 

Need more convincing? Love your lips now and pay later with AfterPay! 


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