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The Brand

LIP DR® was designed with hydration in mind.

Born from a desire to offer luxury lip skincare, a needle-free alternative to plump lips and or an accompaniment to an already enhanced pout, LIP DR® is the beauty-boosting and science-backed active skincare regimen for your lips.

Years researching, creating, and formulating with scientists and manufacturers alike. Relentlessly testing products to ensure absolute perfection, LIP DR® launched in mid-September 2021.

Our unique 5-step LIP DR System® has been specifically formulated to enhance the lips' hydration topically, and to plump through hydration.

The products are precisely crafted in Australia with only
the highest quality clinically proven ingredients, blended to deliver the best results. Each product targets a distinct concern of the lips.

It's natural beauty for your natural beauty.

The Original Lip Skincare®

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the person


Born and raised in Australia and spending years surrounded by beauty through modelling, being an international flight attendant, and having a young girl's general obsession for all things makeup. 

I studied beauty therapy, diving deep into skin biology, the aging process, and the global obsession with trying to stay youthful. Flying around the world, in and out of different time zones & weather conditions constantly. I soon realised that keeping my skin & specifically my lips, hydrated was crucial. 

I found a plethora of abrasive sugar scrubs and regular balms for lips, but no specific skincare designed to nourish the delicate areas of the lips and mouth. I wanted to create products that helped to sustain youthful and full-looking lips and kept fine lines at bay.

The Original Lip Skincare® was born.

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