Clinical Trial Fact Sheet

Renovhyal ™

A panel of volunteers (between 22 and 66 years of age) evaluate the moisturising effect of Renovhyal.
The volunteers applied the 2 products twice a day for 28 days.
Rough skin is significantly smoother after being evaluated by a dermatologist before and after treatment.

Hyanify ™

Clinically proven to reduce maximum wrinkle depth up to 70.6%, average wrinkle depth up to 71.4%, wrinkle circumference up to 79.3%, wrinkle area up to 77.8% and wrinkle volume up to 93.5% after 28 days, when applied twice a day.
Reduces nasolabial folds in only 14 days.
The marine ingredient boosts HA production with a clear improvement in the depth, circumference, area and volume of the nasolabial folds.

Maxi-Lip ™

Clinical study of volunteers (between 22 and 40 years of age) with fine and very dry lips.
The volunteers applied a lip salve containing maxilip for 29 days and had the following results:

• 40% increase of lip volume
• 60% increase in improvement of hydration
• 70% increase in lip softness and protective effect
• 100% improvement of lip condition

Lime Pearl 

A single application of a Lime Pearl gel versus a placebo.
100% of volunteers demonstrated a fast exfoliation effect.
Long term action leaving on gel Lime Pearl versus a placebo was applied twice a day on legs. Skin stripping and squam percentage decreased 18.1% after 30 days, showing significant long-term exfoliation effectiveness.